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Adventure of Cougar
“The Cat”

My Mission, My Conviction is to: COMMUNICATE.

 Motivate, Provoke the Mind,

and Stimulate the Being.

Feel Free to Comment.

Contribute Your Creativity and Imagination.

Ferenc Brunner, St. Helena


Gardening is Good for The Body,
It Nourishes The Soul. 
The Nature, the Environment
Is The Soul of Our Existence
Just to Cheer You Up
Not To Do, Is Not To Be.
St. Helena Community Forum.
The Concept

Is Affordable Housing Possible? 

This is “The Way to Go”.

Affordable Housing-The Concept.

I am circulating this Concept regarding affordable housing for consideration and action.  Affordable Housing is Possible. This is “The Way to Go”.

We must explore all possibilities to overcome the rapidly accelerating Real Estate/Rental prices, that are leading us to another collapse of our economy.

Please read this “Concept” with an open mind, your comments are greatly appreciated.

Think about it, thinking requires no money, and no permission.


It is in the inspiring and imaginary mind, that makes it happen. Take Control.

Ferenc Brunner
St. Helena, CA





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Affordable Housing 
The Concept
How to Make the Old Think Young Again
Thinking is a Mysterious
Gift of Being.

Not To Do, is Not To Be