Walk of Art, the Essence of Nature, The Face of St. Helena.


Just a few comments regarding the commitments and obligations to revitalize Our Town’s several needs. 


Let me reflect on Main Street, that is “The Face of Our Town.

Let’s assume that all will go as planned, so in a few years, how many it is unclear, we shall have new sidewalks, and a new, 

High Tech Power Facility. OK, now what?

All these improvements are Basic,

“It Did Not Move The Ball”. Think About it.


This is what I envision.

Make Our Main Street a Walk of Art for St. Helena.

Planting Trees in Containers, Concrete, Stone, Composition would provide surfaces, an open invitation for artists to create and be seen.

Each planter provides an opportunity to Display Garden Art Arrangements.


The Plants are Contained, and controllable, the choices, in sizes and shape the cube or round, provides a surface that can be creatively used.

Imagination is the Preview of Our Future.