Treasonous Conspiracy is the Edge of Treason.
 The Suspects

#1, The Presidency, the Power Game, the Money Game.

The fundamental reason for any president, on either side is to effectively Lead and Govern and practically impossible to function, because the loosing side is standing by to undermine and destroy the Winner, ignoring the will of the people, the Democratic Process, the Constitution.

This is the Edge of Treason.

#2, The Supreme Court.

Elevates Money above People, so the rule of the people

is undermined, nullified.

The Court is saying that “Money is God, that is what we have to like, this is what we have to worship. Who can argue with the Supreme Court, the ultimate power, the Final Word.

Is this necessarily the “Last Word”?  How can this Devastating Supreme Court Decision be Overturned?

Does the Supreme Court have dictatorial power?

As I understand The Constitution: We the People have the Ultimate Power.
As it should be, but Is It?

The People’s representative Are the Elected Congress, they have the power and the responsibility to guard and protect people against the abuse of power.

The Congress has the power to question and mitigate the overreach of the Supreme Court, that elevates Money and Wealth above the  American People.

Congress does not act to protect the people that they are representing and protecting Money. (ONE %)

The Elected people are thriving on money, and addicted to power above all, the original intent is just a blur. 

This is The Edge of Treason.

#3, The Congress.

The Peoples House. The People’s House, or Is It?

In The Center of the Power Struggle, Influence Peddling, Constant Disorder, Lots of useless, repetitive dialog. No Action, No Accomplishment.

This is All in the Name and Interest of the American People.

How dense do these people think we are?

This is The Edge of Treason.

#4, The Media,
The Ultimate Betrayal, the Duplicity. 

The Original Intent, versus The Media Version.

The Media has the attitude and the arrogance to assume, that everything that happens in the world is a fair game to abuse, imply, assume, exploit to the smallest intimate and irrelevant details.

The Media the Duplicity. The Fake Media.
Misleading and Destructive, Divisive.

The media abuse’s it’s power, it’s Privileged position, 24\7 with repetitive, misleading dialog.

And they are Proud of It.

This is The Edge of Treason.

#5, The War Lords.

On the top of the Heap are the Invisible
War Lords, they are pulling the string, jerking the chain.

This is The Edge of Treason.