This information is being provided to all Residents, Businesses,

Merchants, and Professionals of St. Helena.

Please study this document with an open mind,

so you gain a full understanding of it’s intent, of it’s objective.

After reading and understanding this information,

feel free to comment, suggest and ask questions.


The Intent of this Presentation and Communication by ferenc  is to introduce a wide range of creative and available ideas, concepts and possibilities to Express Feelings, Emotions, Ingenuity and Accomplishment.

Sharing and conveying our Creative Expressions and Intellectual Ideas, to Inspire the Mind and the Soul, on the Wings of Creativity and Imagination.   

Accomplishing, Building a Prosperous Future.

My name is Ferenc Brunner, I have been a resident of St. Helena, in Vineyard Valley, that is an oasis in the hearth of St. Helena.

I observe, contemplate, feel the mood of the Streets of

St. Helena. I interview locals, tourists, business people,

young, old and in between. 

We are privileged to live in this exceptional environment, surrounded with gardens, vineyards, art, culture, the best restaurants, and exceptional beauty all around us, so we have it all.
Our luxurious lifestyle, the prosperity of our businesses greatly depends on the visitors and the tourists that we draw into our environment.

I live in this town, and I love it, I can not think of a better place to be, however we have to see our town, our environment with the eyes of the visitors,

the tourists.
St. Helena has no appealing, captivating destination. 
To put it bluntly, there is not much to come here for, there is not much to stay here for, and there is not much to come back here for.


It is not the roll, or the responsibility of the City Council, and the City Government to be our “Godfather” and solve all of our Nitty-Gritty problems.

The future of our town is the responsibility of all of us, individually and collectively. Creating our future must be a collaborative effort by the government and private sector to lead and be inspired by all of us in our community.
We need creative out of box ideas and approaches. 

We are facing a challenge, that also provides us with an opportunity.

The solution the way I see is that we must widen our horizon, create another attraction, another dimension to our town, creating a unique, irresistible environment that is going to be beneficial for all of “The Valley”, attracting people throughout the Bay Area and Beyond.

The Community Owned Adam Street Property is the only place in our town that has the potential to accomplish this objective.

The Vision, the Plan, as I have expressed for the Adam Street Property,

is going to create that other “Dimension”.
the Foundation of Possibilities, Widening our Horizon.

The “Adams Street Project Provides the Following:

The Adam Street Project is going to provide the St. Helena Community Center,

The Multi Media Theatre, Event Center, Broadcasting Studio, Reality Talk Show,

therefore creating the constant flow of activates, and the  foundation for infinite possibilities.

There is something in it for everybody, the young, old and in-between.  The artist, the gardener, the designer, the architect, the engineer, the investor……..etc.
Imagine…….be part of it.

Contribute Your Youth, Energy and Creativity.

This plan provides the most benefits, jobs, and opportu

nities for our communities and beyond.

We will become an awesome destination, with the underlining intention to inform, inspire, to create a sustainable environment and lifestyle.

If one thoroughly contemplates, this plan with an open mind, one will find that all of the elements that are required for this plan to become a reality,

we as a community possess, has been considered. This plan is accomplishable, sustainable, and it is based on reality and a solid foundation to build on.

This project is going to reflect the essence and the creativity of our community.

To eliminate the conflict, the competition between Main Street and other local shopping and restaurants, we create an irresistible connection between Adams and Main St. and between “Main” and “Adam”, a mutually beneficial arrangement.

It is a short walk between “Adam and Main”, so we create the “Yellow Brick Road”,

connecting the two Main Attractions of our town, for the mutually benefit of both.

In the Park we are not going to have restaurant, or any kind of retail, and fundraising.

All food service, catering for the events in the Park, are going to originate from Main Street, and other food services in town.  

What “The Venture” is going to provide is Information, Education, Motivation, Life Styles, Art, Opportunity, the Gardens, the Ambiance, this is going to be an exceptional experience, a unique destination.

St. Helena Community and Event Center,  must be sensational. 

Because it has to be, because it can be, and because it is the only way we can accomplish the desired effect, and it is the only way we can assure the creation of a successful,  sustainable, and a profitable enterprise.

 A Foundation of Possibilities.

This plan is accomplishable, sustainable, and it is based on  
reality and a solid foundation to build on

From now on I am going to refer to the Event Center as “The Theater”.

We have an exceptional location, and our community possesses all of the necessary elements to successfully accomplish this objective.

 “The Theater” must accommodate many uses, events from small to large.

The Central Theater has to accommodate 300 people or more, featuring a high dome ceiling, with a magnificent view. With a catering kitchen in one wing, available for all food purveyors, it is not a restaurant.  The other wing has to accommodate the peripheral needs for the theater.

For Council and other activities at second level above the two wings of the Theater, one side is a fully equipped Broadcasting Studio, which will accommodate 60 people.

A meeting place for all official city functions and community events.

The other side of the wing is a studio for a Reality Show. 
A Reality Talk Show, will project the life of Napa Valley.
Interviewing “Real People and Characters” that create our exceptional environment.
The Reality Talk Show, will be sponsored by local businesses.

This move alone justifies the required expenditure, and it is a lot of “Creative and Productive Fun”.

In our area we have all of the creative, professional talent in the production TV, Films, Talk Shows and more, we have all of the Hollywood expertise, and we have the “Magic of the Valley”.
We have to creatively manipulate al these given resources and possibilities.

We also have a tremendous source of beauty, art, excitement, activity, colorful characters, the foundation of our prosperity. Attracting a wide range tourists from all over the world. These people desire live, action, creativity, education, amusement, something that creatively and intellectually different.

So give it to them. Use The Magic of The Technology. Imagine, dream all of the possibilities.

We going provide space for the promotion of alternative energy and life style.

The Adam St. Property is 5.6 acres =  243,936 Sq. ft.



“The Theater” on two levels has to be, (and this is just a guess), 40 to 50 thousand sq ft.

Other supporting buildings, 15 thousand sqr ft.

This leaves a large area for landscaping.

Landscaping is a special challenge, we must create an exclusive surrounding around the “The Theater”, that is embracing and uplifting, a must see for the artistic creation in itself.
“The Theater“ will satisfy the desires and needs of our community. Creating a sustainable environment, and the foundation for our economic and intellectual development.

The Economy, the Ecology   
The project will have a self-contained wastewater treatment system, using recycled water

(gray water) for landscaping and toilet facilities.

The center will be fully supported by alternative energy.
  Application of Solar Energy.
  Ground source geothermal heating and cooling system.
  Green Building Design and Construction.

This project will be a precedent, it will generate and influence the future development of all of the surrounding communities.

The Theater has to accommodate the above listed activities to make the project financially sustainable, and creatively and intellectually outstanding.

The traffic, The congestion, 

As any activity, the Center is going to attract people from all over the Bay Area and beyond.

The traffic is already a major dilemma, so we have to find ways to transport people to the Center by means of buses, use of the Wine Train, and any other means that are available.


















The Wine Train Connects to most of the Bay Area by BART, Ferries, Buses. If we create a unique, exceptional attraction at the Adams Street Property, The Wine Train can be very useful to mitigate the traffic, noise and pollution.

In Conclusion, these are the questions we have to contemplate and answer:

Is this Plan Accomplishable?                   

Is this Plan in the best interest of our community?





Is it reasonable to assume that our community possess the creativity, the dedication, the expertise, the capacity and the financial ability to contribute to the  accomplishment of this vision, of this plan?

Is it reasonable to assume that people from our community will contribute their expertise and creativity to successfully accomplish this project?

Is it reasonable to assume that the community will understand and appreciate the opportunity that this “Plan” going to make available, not just financially, but securing a more sustainable localized economy and lifestyle?

Let the Community Reflect, Contemplate and Decide.

My Mission, My Conviction is to: COMMUNICATE.

 Motivate, Provoke the Mind,

and Stimulate the Being.

 Feel Free to Comment.

Contribute Your Creativity and Imagination.

Ferenc Brunner, St. Helena