St. Helena Community Forum

The Concept, the Purpose is to Reflect, Contemplate with a open mind.
This is the only way to Understand.
Rising above our self, discussing matters of mutual interest, issues that concern all of our community. 
It is critical that the people of our town get involve in the shaping of our economic and intellectual future.


It is not enough to vote people into official positions, being responsible in the formation of our future.


We all have to stay in circulation, contributing all the creative and intellectual elements that are essential in the generation of a sustainable future. 

Ultimately we are individually and collectively responsible, and must get actively involved, keeping a close check to ensure that the political and bureaucratic process remains effective and are representative of our community.
It is the responsibility of all of us to participate in the economic, intellectual, and creative development of our community. Our Community needs the input of all of our citizens to build a sustainable, economic stability for our town.

I propose to establish a home base for The St. Helena Public Forum at  Brass Wood, Cairdean Estates. Brass Wood Estates, that offers the ideal setting in a tranquil, and elegant environment, where like minded people can gather, reflecting and contemplating issues of mutual interest.
A Community Mind Tasting.
The St. Helena Public Forum is an ongoing affair, we can attend, one of us, two of us, or many of us, for a free flowing exchange of ideas.

The St. Helena Public Forum is the “Meeting of the Minds”.
We will introduce talking points that are the building blocks of our economic and intellectual existence.

We all must come to the table with an open mind, rising above ourselves, listening, reflecting, and understanding.  

Thinking requires no money and no permission.

Express yourself, it is liberating, and energizing.

Use the power of the words. Words are the tools,

the weapons of the creative mind.

Ferenc Brunner, St. Helena