Change is hard, change is good, change is life.

How to Make the Old Mind Think Young Again.

It is a great distinction how one perceives the rest of their life. When one retires and becomes free, lets say at the age of 60 - 65, they have another lifetime of 10, 20 to 30 years to live, creatively and satisfyingly fill.
To fill the decades of lifetime in a way that is satisfying, fulfilling, and contributing, is the greatest dilemma one can ever face, it is the most challenging, a “Unique Form of Art.”

Humans are not created to idle for decades, it creates an attitude of anger, resentment, and fills the mind with negative thoughts. Remember, you are what you think.

The only way to control the mind is, to give it something else to think about. To find a way to creatively and satisfyingly occupy the mind.
To be aware of the ways to contact, communicate, explore ideas and be mindful of all of the possibilities, where one can exchange ideas and build on each others creativity and intellect. It is liberating to communicate, exchange and express our ideas.

Do not be a “Follower”, be an “Independently Functioning Individual”,  with your own mind, with your own drive, and creativity. It is always your move.

Do not play anybodies game, have your own ideas and interests, that will enable you to communicate and exchange ideas with people anywhere in the world.

The Magic of the Technology opened up several ways to accomplish anyone’s objective.

Since thinking requires, no money and no permission, it is available to all of us to express our self and create our own identity. 

The retired generation has the laxity of time and freedom.

I myself do many things, applying The Magic of the Technology to express my own ideas, my vision to Economically, Creatively and Intellectually revitalize our community.  

ONE must have a purpose, define an idea, of your interest, a subject that you can advocate, debate and communicate.

Here is what I do:
My long standing observation, reflection and comments on issues of common interest, gives me an insight to the function of the collective mind, and how that creates a conflict and disharmony, creating an atmosphere, where are we just spinning and spinning.

And Life Goes On. 

I have a collection of e-mail addresses;
City Council, Planning Commission, Chamber of Commerce, and Various Individuals, 300 plus e-mails, that is a wide range of outreach in our small town.

I communicate through The St. Helena Star, e-mail and my BLOG,

my Newsletter, “The Future of St. Helena,” and in several other ways, that the magic of technology opened up. Ways that are available to all of us, to utilize and expand our minds, our horizons, in any chosen direction.

Reflect, contemplate, imagine, widen your horizon. Suggest “out of box” ideas, creatively utilizing all available potentials that are there for the taking.

You have the Power to do so. This is how we grow, this is how we can prosper.

This is how we make the old mind to think young again.

You are what you think, imagine, observe, reflect, contemplate,

and understand. Go for It.

Thinking is a Mysterious Gift of Being.

Ferenc Brunner, St. Helena

Think about it, deal with it.

Thinking is a Mysterious Gift of Being.



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