On behalf of The Young Generation of Our Community.

The Intent of this Presentation and Communication is to introduce a wide range of creative and available ideas, concepts and possibilities to Express Feelings, Emotions, and Ingenuity.

My suggestion and proposition is to devise a program for the teens of this community that motivates them to selectively  use the Magic of Technology for the own advancement.

Teens are blinded and mesmerized by their gadgets, exposed to a wide world of possibilities, illusions, delusions, assumptions, confusion, and deceptions.

Most of the kids & teens are playing somebody’s else’s game.

The objective is to introduce and encourage the creative mind, exploring all of the possibilities that the Magic of Technology opens up in the way of creativity and communication.

Let them all be an Independently Functional Individual, with all of the magic of technology available, imagine, create, and play your own game.

I talk to many parents about the teenage dilemma, and how to save them from themselves, how to define clarity and understanding, and how to navigate in the Big Mass of Technology.

How to infuse reality in the young mind, and how to open up, motivate and expose the young mind to all of the available possibilities.

I am considering ways that are the most effective to motivate and involve the “Teen Mind,” opening up all the available possibilities that The Magic of Technology provides in the application of creativity and communication.

This is the objective, nothing more important, nothing more noble, than inspiring the creative young mind.

Most Young People possess the basic elements, that is required to Independently Create and Produce, images, videos, CDs, DVDs, and many other forms of Imaginary Expressions.

The required software to produce, edit and manipulate images and videos are all available, for free, or for a minimal cost.  All the creative programs come with very enlightening tutorials.

The life around us provides the images, people, kids, pets, parents, siblings, nature, and the environment surrounding us, so those are all there for “ONE” to utilize and to create.

So, being in the position of all the required elements to “Create”, it is up to “An Independently Functional Individual”, on the wings of creativity and imagination to take advantage of all these given opportunities.

Observe, reflect, contemplate, understand, and create.

Thinking requires no money, and no permission.
Thinking is a unique gift of being

All the Things and Ideas that I propose, I do, and practice.

I am willing to contribute my time, creativity and intellect to benefit the Youths of our Town.

I am going to provide a PC Window 10 computer, with most of necessary Apps - Programs installed on the PC, “Ready to Roll”.

I am approaching Nimbus Art of St. Helena that is the Ideal Venue to perform, and establish this noble and inspiring endeavor.

Ferenc Brunner, St Helena