St. Helena Candy Store

City of St. Helena, City Council, all Players of Our Town.

2020 State of The City of St. Helena.

The City Council’s agonizing dilemma, a rollercoaster ride  emotional and distressing process of dissension making of on any issues of community interest is very alarming. 

My long standing observation, reflection and understanding  issues of common interest, gives me an insight to the function of the collective mind, and how that creates a conflict and disharmony, generating an atmosphere, where are we just spinning and spinning, entangled in stagnation and mediocrity.

City Councils, City Managers, come and go, the bureaucratic body, (all outsiders), and with each change we start all over again, repainting the same old picture. Accomplishing none. 

Our town St. Helena is inherently limited, Our Main Street is State Highway #29, this fact cannot be changed.

As a shopping strip, Main Street has become obsolete.
The changing of shopping habits, the change of generational behavior is influenced by Face book, Tweeter, Amazon, and several other Mind Altering Techniques. 

Fixing the sidewalks, somewhere in the next 3 to 4 years, more signs, new and shiny bath rooms, and other ambiguous slogans cannot cheer up any of the long distressed merchants.

The merchants of Main Street can not be mollified, and assured of a better, and hopeful future with this kind of unfounded premise and assumptions.

This kind of thinking , just will not do the trick

The most disturbing is that Our Leadership, all the political players refuse, or are unable to distinguish the difference between the past and our reality, refuse to accept that St. Helena has no Economic Foundation. We are living in the past, wishing for the good old days, that never comes.

When are “The Political Players” of our town going to come to the realization that our town and our future lays in our communities creativity, intellect, dedication, and all the elements that we possess to generate our future.

Why do we repeatedly turn to outsiders, manipulative entities that intrude in our creative thinking, interfering with our thinking process, creating confusion, resentment and uncertainty.

Since we have our City Manager Mark Prestowich took control of our towns economic destiny, the main focus and energy strictly limited to the bureaucratic expansion.

The Carnegie Building, (where we spent millions of $$$$$), the five buildings an Railroad Property, can conveniently house our Bureaucratic Body.  

Our focus and commitment must be the rebuilding our economic, creative an intellectual foundation.

His new era of reality demands, new thinking, out of box solution, that creates the foundation of our economic future. 

Big Problems requires Big Solutions.

We possess all the resources to live up to the calling. 

Ferenc Brunner,
St. Helena